Tandem Search

Catalysing commercial growth for a global consulting firm

A global management consulting firm, embarked on a mission to drive commercial growth in the United States. They sought a seasoned strategy & operations partner to join their ranks, preferably from top-tier strategy firms. This case study illuminates how Tandem, a trusted recruitment partner, successfully executed a retained search to identify and secure top talent for this client.


Recruiting Top-tier Strategy Partners: Our client had a specific need for high-caliber strategy partners with proven track records in Tier One strategy firms. Attracting such talent is challenging, as it requires identifying individuals with the right expertise and established networks to contribute to commercial growth in the US market.



Our Role: 

Navigating the Competitive Landscape: Tandem, leveraging its extensive experience in assisting growing brands, embarked on a retained search to fulfil our clients talent needs. Our team of seasoned recruiters understood the intricacies of the consulting sector and maintained a strong network within it. We presented several candidates, including ex-partners from MBB firms, who had highly developed books of business.



Rapid Talent Acquisition and Growth: Within just three months, Tandem’s efforts yielded a deep pipeline of candidates actively engaged in interviews. Our client successfully hired two Senior Partners, along with a Partner for their expanding Oil & Gas/Resources and Energy Transition practice groups in the United States. This rapid talent acquisition accelerated our clients growth trajectory in the region.

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