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Building Advisory capability for a core engineering services firm in North America

An engineering services firm, sought to strengthen its advisory practice in North America by infusing expertise in M&A strategy, performance improvement, and operational excellence. Facing the challenge of attracting consultants from top-tier strategy backgrounds without the same brand recognition or compensation packages. This client turned to Tandem for assistance. This case study showcases how Tandem, despite being a smaller brand in the consulting services search sector, played a crucial role in sourcing and placing top talent.


 Attracting Top-tier Talent without Brand Equity: Our client recognized the need to acquire consultants with specialised expertise but faced the challenge of not having the same brand recognition or compensation capacity as larger consulting firms. The task was to identify and secure consultants with top-tier strategy backgrounds who could contribute significantly to our clients advisory practice.

Our Role: 

Navigating Challenges with Expertise: Tandem, though a smaller player in the consulting services search arena, leveraged its experience from previous mandates to quickly source highly qualified candidates. Our focus was on Senior Consultants and Engagement Managers with the right skill sets and experience. Within a span of 6 months, we successfully completed 7 out of 10 guaranteed placements. This success prompted our client to entrust us with partner-level hires. Notably, a significant portion of our placements emphasised Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), addressing a vital need in asset-heavy, capital-intensive consulting sectors.


Fostering Talent and Diversity: Our collaboration with Hatch yielded significant results. By sourcing top-tier talent, we helped elevate our clients advisory practice in North America. The successful placements not only contributed to our clients growth but also reinforced its commitment to DEI in a sector where diversity is crucial.

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