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Empowering Kearney Australia & SEA with top management talent

Kearney, a global management consulting firm, aimed to bolster its presence and expertise in the Australia and Southeast Asia (SEA) region. Facing a highly competitive market, they sought to recruit top-tier management consultants across various levels and establish specialized teams. This case study sheds light on how our recruitment agency, Tandem, contributed to Kearney’s growth in the region.


Strategic Talent Acquisition in a Competitive Landscape: Kearney recognized the need for exceptional talent to drive their expansion plans effectively. The challenge was to identify, attract, and place over 20 management consultants, ranging from Senior Business Analysts (SBAs) to Principals, within a highly competitive talent market. Additionally, they aimed to build dedicated teams in emerging areas like Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT), Digital, Data, and Architecture.


Our Role

Strategic Talent Partner: Tandem was entrusted with the task of finding the right talent to fuel Kearney’s growth. Our team of experienced recruiters and industry specialists collaborated closely with Kearney to understand their unique requirements. We adopted an agile and proactive approach, conducting ongoing searches to ensure a steady stream of high-calibre candidates.



Elevating Kearney’s Capabilities: Our partnership with Kearney yielded impressive results. We successfully placed over 20 management consultants, each bringing their unique expertise to Kearney’s teams in Australia and SEA. Our efforts helped Kearney establish specialised teams in emerging sectors such as TMT, Telco, Digital, Data, and Architecture.

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